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Does this mean war? Twitter just launched their new home page, which is no longer just a plain login screen, but a page that more resembles what you are used to seeing on It appears that Twitter has decided they want to be more than just a channel of communication via tweet, but an aggregator for collections of news that come in through tweets. Simply brilliant!
Twitter has been storing your tweets and relevant data for 9 years, it is about time they put that data to use. This opens many doors for the social media giant, and appears to be following a trend set by Facebook, who has recently turned to become a search-first platform. Seeing the success that Facebook has had since implementing graph search, and creating a single stop ecosystem, it makes sense for Twitter to follow suit.

Facebook is the most used mobile app/mobile site America by a large margin. They were able to do that by having everything an end user needs on the one site. Now when someone logs into their Facebook account, they are able stalk friends and update their status as expected, but also search for current events, find companies to fix things around the house, and be able to contact just about anyone.
Facebook wins
Twitter was smart to latch on to this idea…. they have the information, put it to use. Their simple home page probably didn’t require too much development time, since it just grabs all pertinent tweets in a given category, and also is very elegant and easy to use for users. Especially users like me, who aren’t big into twitter, but like to see the newest news, which usually is first found on Twitter.

Two thumbs up for twitter, great business decision, and the site really looks great and certainly makes the more competitive.

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